Dr. Reem Mansour

General Dentist

Dr. Reem Mansour is a General Dentist at Dr. Lamya’s Center.

B.D.S., July 2006 in Dental Surgery at Ajman University for Science and Technology, UAE. With more than 14 years of experience in the dental field, she utilizes her dental experience in all specialties to achieve maximum benefits for the patients. She has tremendous experience in Pediatric dentistry, laser dental treatments, dental surgeries, emergency cases and the management of medically compromised patients. Some other consist of restorative dental treatment, prosthodontics, cosmetic procedures and more.

Dr. Reem is capable of relieving tension from a visit to the dentist. She does this through building strong relationships of trust between her and the patient. Also, ensuring thorough explanations of the treatment and professional communication with the patient, she provides a comfortable and successful experience. With every visit, Dr. Reem provides preventative oral hygiene guidance to ensure maximum long lasting benefits to all patients.

Dr. Reem has attended several conferences and workshop in different field of dentistry. Some of which consist of laser dentistry, restorative treatments, and much more.