It is our mission to exceed expectations by providing top dental quality care to our patients and building relationships of trust with them. We rely on proven diagnostic technology, effective treatment protocols, and high-quality dental materials that will allow our patients to enjoy safe, long lasting, and incredibly comfortable dental care.


Our vision is to continuously update and improve ourselves with the best and most current materials and technology available in dentistry. This is to ensure an exceptionally safe and patient-centered care in all services available at the centers.


  • Professional Excellence
  • Safety
  • Patient-centeredness
  • High Quality
  • Advancement
  • Respect
  • Inclusiveness



At Dr. Lamya’s Dental Center, we are committed to top quality dental excellence.We utilize the finest and latest technology available in the field of dentistry today. DrLamya’s Center carries all specialties under one roof. Our different Advanced Laser Therapies sets us apart from other dental centers in the country. Advanced Laser Therapies provides an alternative dental treatment method which is usually less invasive than traditional methods. That means no drilling, no needles, and no pain for most cases!

Using the latest technology is important at Dr. Lamya’s, as Dental technology advancement allows us to continuously improve our quality of care available for patients. Dr. Lamya’s Centers carry the largest number of laser devices and systems in the country. You can find the use of the latest laser devices, digital x-ray systems, intra-oral cameras, digital endodontic devices, microscopes and latest computer-guided implants and prosthesis, in addition to video imaging and multimedia for patient education purposes at the center.

A patient-centered culture is found at Dr. Lamya’s Center. We believe in providing top quality care that is responsive to specific patient preferences, ensuring that the patient’s needs and expectations are fully met. Safely delivering our high quality dental services is a top priority at Dr.Lamya’s. Infection control is of great importance at the center. We use proven set guidelines and policies for our sterilization and infection control processes that ensure safe dental practice for both the patients and staff. Through building a relationship of trust with the patient, Dr. Lamya’s staff are able to relieve the usual stress and tension from a visit to the dentist.

We look forward to having you join the Dr. Lamya’s Care Family!


Dr. Lamya is a pioneer in business and dentistry and the winner of many prestigious awards in the Kingdom of Bahrain.

Some of the awards include:

  • 1999, Award of Outstanding Young Entrepreneur who has made a significant business contribution to Bahrain’s private sector by Ernst & young in Al Ahli Commercial Bank Bahrain.
  • 2009, An award in Bahrain Dental Society in laser dentistry, Enhancing dental treatment with laser.
  • 2010, Award in Active member of the Academy in laser dentistry in all courses & conference
  • 2013, Young Female Entrepreneur Business Award.
  • 2016, SME of the Year Award.
  • 2019, International Women’s Entrepreneurial Challenge Award 2019.

Laser Machinery found in Dr. Lamya’s Centers:

  • Elexxion Snore – 3 Laser

Elexxion Snore-3 Laser is a non-invasive and pain free laser treatment to end snoring. The laser treatment allows more room for air flow to reduce snoring at night. Each session takes about 20 minutes and is pain-free.

  • Light Walker AT Fotona Laser:

The most advanced and highest performance LightWalker model. Offering a wide range of highly effective hard- and soft-tissue treatments. LightWalker’s easy-to-select operating modes and advanced laser-beam delivery systems enhance the precision and performance of each laser treatment for optimal clinical efficacy

  •  Waterlase I-Plus Laser

WaterlaseiPlusis the best selling most advanced all-tissue laser, and is found at Dr. Lamya’sCenters. It is a minimally invasive dental laser system that provides patients with the best possible experience. It is used for a variety of different dental treatments, to insure minimal pain and discomfort along with high precision.

  •  Biolase Epic – 10 Diode Laser

The Biolase Epic – 10 Diode Laser aids with dental surgeries, pain relief and teeth whitening. It acts as a healing laser, which reduces recovery periods and helps with pain management. It has a teeth whitening function that shows dramatic results in as little as 20 minutes of chair time. 

  • Elexxion Claros Nano Laser

The Elexxion Claros Nano Laser has many functions that aid in dental treatments. It can be used with surgeries, Implants, root canal and tooth pocket disinfections, provide better results of teeth whitening, TMJ disorders and also helps with wound healing and pain relief.

More of the Latest Technology found at Dr. Lamya’s Centers:


The Ruiwan RD90 oral aerosol dental suction unit system with UV disinfection filter can absorb water vapour, filters 99.99% of aerosols, droplets. This helps with maintain a safe and clean environment for both patients and staff by reducing risk of spreading of virus and infections. 

  • TRIOS Intra-Oral Scanner

With a strong focus on patient comfort and superior treatment we have introduced the Intra-Oral Scanner at our clinics. This reliable technology has increased patient comfort and accuracy of scans for digital impressions.

  • Ceramill Motion 2

This machine combines wet and dry processing in one unit for an unlimited range of materials. It helps save time, cost and increases precision of dental restorations.

  • Nitrous Oxide

Anxiety and pain are common fears that people face when visiting a dentist’s office. Dr. Lamya’scenter is the only dental center in the country that carries Nitrous oxide gas, with certified providers to ensure safe administration tothe patients. Nitrous Oxideis a gas that is used for managing pain and anxiety during different dental treatments.

  • ImplantMed

The Implantmed drive unit has been specially designed for use in dental implantology. Implantmed gives you the tools for oral surgical procedures in the fields of implantology and maxillofacial surgery with maximum precision.

  • Airflow One

Airflow One is the latest EMS innovation for guided biofilm therapy. The equipment is designed forintensive use with no pain and offers improved ergonomics, high precisionand the latest hygiene standards. It reduces the need for hand and power instrumentation while delivering minimally invasive scaling where needed.